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Mediation Training
Mediation Training
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A partial list of some of our clients
  • U.S. Dept. of Education, Office for Civil Rights,
  • Texas Department of Insurance
  • OSHA
  • Texas Department of Criminal Justice
  • Phoenix Supreme Court Justice's
  • University of Massachusetts
  • NASA
  • Texas Department of Transportation
  • Home Land Security

University of Massachusetts Lowell

I was grateful for the opportunity to be trained by Alternative Dispute Resolution Services International. It was truly a privilege, because Jerry's expertise and insight into the dynamics of an effective mediation are so extensive. His experience mediating thousands of conflicts was very apparent, as he brought appropriate guidance for multiple types of scenarios.

His training was particularly enriching in that he dealt with conflict variable as well as human psychology/personally variables. I had time to role-play and receive insights to further hone my skills throughout the training. I appreciated his focus on thoughtful listening, which he not only taught but also demonstrated while watching the role-plays and providing input. I believe Jerry's training can benefit even the most experienced mediators. I recommend him to anyone who wishes to attain basic credentials, as well as those who want to take on the challenge of attaining a new level of expertise.


Rebecca Hall
Equal Opportunity Associate
UMASS Lowell


Thank you for a great class in basic mediation. More importantly, however, is that I paid for a class and certification. But what I received was so much more in all the great material that was provided to me upon completion of the course. ADRSI has truly provided me with a "business in a box." I was able to take advantage of all the great information, marketing materials, and mediation forms necessary to find early success in my new career in mediation.
Thanks for everything!

Yours truly,
Barry Wernick, Esq.

Don't be mislead by the low cost of mediation training offered online, if it's too inexpensive then you will receive what you pay for and in most instances it will not be approved for court appointments. All states require a minimum of 40 hours training either in person or online. Free Mediations classes will not qualify you as a mediator for court or even business mediations appointments. Call and ask how long they have been training before you take their course. Inspect what you expect.
ADR Basic Mediation Training has been providing courses approved by the State Bar of Texas for over 30 years. Your certificate from ADR Basic Mediation Training will be well respected by most USA Companies, organizations and Government agencies. With our many years of experience and quality of service, you can be proud to be a graduate of ADR  Basic Mediation Training. You not only receive online training but our highly experienced trainers will work with you and support you all along the way. After course completion you can call our support line 12 hours per day for questions or guidance to help you manage your new learned skill. Additional support is provided with documents, forms, manuals to assist you in your development of your mediation practice. ADR Basic Mediation Training was ranked by International Association of Mediators as number 1 in online classroom training.

Alternative Dispute Resolution also called Conflict Resolution is one of the fastest growing areas of law, where disputes arise in every facet of life the needed skilled professional require to fill this void is limited. Most people believe that you must be a Attorney to be a mediator, that is an unfounded statement CPA's, Realtors, Counselors, Clergy, business people any person can be trained as a mediator. The skills are in everyone, however the techniques need to be learned. Conflict Resolution is the future of the practice of law, people are tired of the uncertainty of the courts and the damage the courts cause with relationships. Conflict Resolution has proven to help all parties feel in control of their outcome and gives them the opportunity to be in control of the settlement process. When cases go to Court most people believe that they will win everything the  true fact is the success ratio is only 50%. But with Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution alternatives the success ration increases to 80-90% in feeling the settlement was fair by both parties.


Now with the experience of over 30 years Alternative Dispute Resolution Services International has perfected the ability for anyone who has a computer and willingness to learn a new profession to perfect their skills in Mediation. Our course allows you to learn at your own pace with constant support from our organization. Our professionals will assist you in establishing your new profession with information and manuals that will walk you through each step of becoming a successful Mediator.


Mediators in the United States earn in excess of $250,000 per year only working a few days a week. Mediation fees range from as little as $700 per day to as much as several Thousands of dollars per day. The fee is based on number of parties and length of mediation.  Some of our graduates are making in the high six figure incomes. This program does not guarantee your income, it requires hard work and a considerable amount of marketing to build your practice. With our program we provide you with a marketing techniques manual and forms that will help you. Alternative Dispute practices are just like building a law practice, developing contacts, interacting with clients, working with the courts, law firms, insurance companies, The US Postal Service, EEOC, Home owner associations, and Real Estate Agencies.

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Mediation is a skill that most people posses, but knowing the specific techniques are what makes the difference between an average mediator and a skilled one. Training of a mediator is a simple process however actual skills require broad range of knowledge in many areas such as impasse breaking, body language, how to write a settlement agreement and various techniques to help the parties get to YES. At ADR Basic Mediation Training we have the experience and knowledge to help you have a successful mediation. Whether in English or Spanish our firm can provide quality service and a successful mediation.


Alternative Dispute Resolution Services International, Inc. has been providing mediation services for over 30 years and has helped negotiate successful disputes with such organizations as National Aeronautical and Space Agency of America (NASA), Equal Opportunity Employer Commission, U.S. Postal Service,U.S. Department of Justice, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Baylor College of Medicine, National Biomedical Science Institute Space Science Division, Fulbright and Jaworski Law firm, Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Texas Department of Transportation, University of Massachusetts and many other large businesses and government agencies. We have the experience to help you reach a successful resolution.

Classroom courses are approved by the State Bar of Texas for Continue Education Credits  and Texas Association of Realtors CLE. Classroom, and online material apply toward full credit, along with CPA's.

Home Study Mediation Section

We currently provide on-sight as well as home study mediation training for Basic Mediation, if you are an attorney practicing in the United States you can receive MCLE as well as additions Hours for Ethics verify the requirements by calling us at 866-978-5123. The home study  or Classroom mediation courses are designed to help you through the complex understanding of mediation. Why it is becoming the trend for courts, businesses and education for resolving conflicts. Home study can be accomplished in as little as three days and upon successful completion you will receive your certificate of completion, which is approved in 50 States.  All other state accept the training as meeting the required level of education to practice as a Mediator. *some additional class time might be required. Florida students receive points toward Certification by Supreme Court. Our students can begin their training online, for some state requirements classroom may be mandatory.


Cost of the complete Course is $295.00 plus shipping (Shipping is for your certificate and a CD packed with useful information to help you start your mediation practice:


You understand that no refunds will be paid once the unlock code information is emailed to you either by mail or email. We are approved by the State Bar of Texas and Mississippi for Continuing Legal Education, we make no representation or appearance that our course is approved by any other agencies, this includes, real estate, CPA or Medical. Some agencies accept our Continuing Legal Education but you must check with that agency before taking this course.

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Online Basic Mediation Training

Basic Mediation Training-Online or Classroom

This course is designed to teach you the basic steps in becoming a Certified Mediator which is approved by 49 States. Florida is the only exception. Approved for 40 MCLE Plus 3 hours Ethics. You will learn all the techniques required by all court systems. Please make sure that your want to proceed because once you receive the sign-in and password there is no refund as you will have access to all of the training material.

Basic Mediation Training $295.00 Plus Shipping. Please make sure that your want to proceed once payment is made there is no refund as you will be directed to our training material and Passwords for the training. There is no refund once payment is made.

Family Mediation Training

This course is designed to be completed after the Basic Mediation Course. This course meets the State requirement of 24 hours of continued education specializing on Family Mediation. You will learn the important issues involved in a Family or Divorce Mediation and will help you in your efforts to provide Family Mediaton. Please make sure that your want to proceed because once you receive the sign-in and password there is no refund as you will have access to all of the training material.

Family Mediation Training $195.00 Plus Shipping. Please make sure that you want to proceed once payment is made there is no refund. You are taken directly to our training sight and provided a Password to proceed.

Class Room Training

Basic Mediation Training Class Room
Class Room Training
Class Room Training

Basic Mediation Training in a class room setting is a little different the approach is interaction and designed to teach you the skills of a mediator. The class room training consists of 4 days scheduled Thursday - Sunday, for 10 hours per day, breaks are included. We cover the specifics of mediation, breaking Impasses, the art of negotiation and skills that will help you understand the dynamics of mediating.

J.R. is an excellent speaker with 30+ years of mediating and training. He has mediated over 4,000 cases, working with the US Department of Justice, Texas Department of Criminal Justice, OSHA, NASA and many over prestigious firms and organization. He will help you through navigate through the obsticles of negotiating and teach you his technique which has helped him settle over 98% of all the cases he has mediated. The course is educational and entertaining. The cost of the course is $895.00.

Class room training, $895.00 includes all materials you will be sent the course outline prior to the class, and a confirmation of dates and time. Please select the date of the course you would like to attend.
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